PMM is equipped with a state of the art in house Non Destructive Testing facility to perform Magnetic Particle and Fluorescent Penetrant Inspections. And also have the required equipment to perform these inspections in the field. We have level II qualified staff in accordance with EN4179 (qualification and approval of personnel) for both inspection methods, and a contractually assigned responsible level III. In addition to that we have the ability to certify the inspections under our EASA Part 145 approval, and provide you with an EASA Form One for following components:

  • Engine Parts
  • Engine Mounts (includes paint removal, inspection & powder coating)
  • Propellers
  • Landing Gear
  • Airframe Components

Though we are not limited to Aerospace, we are also capable to perform these inspections on automotive or industrial components. For more information about our approvals, check out our capabilities section.

Magnetic Particle Inspection

PMM performs MPI in accordance with the ASTM-E1444 standard practice for magnetic particle testing. This allows us to not only perform these inspections for aerospace related purposes, but also for any general magnetic particle inspection requirement. Our Magnetic Particle equipment includes a Magnaflux wet horizontal MPI unit for in house inspections, and an Electro-magnetic hand-Yoke for in the field inspections.


An example of an MPI is our Engine Mount inspection. Our service here includes completely stripping the mount through the use of an abrasive blasting technique called bead blasting. This removes any surface deposits (such as paints) by blasting fine glass beads at high pressure without damaging the surface itself. The engine mount is then inspected, after which it is repainting by means of powder coating. If during the inspection cracks are detected, we also have the possibility to have your engine mount repaired.

Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection


PMM performs FPI in accordance with the ASTM-E1417 standard practice for liquid penetrant testing and ASTM-E1220 standard practice for visible penetrant testing. This allows us to not only perform these inspections for aviation related purposes, but also for any general liquid penetrant inspection requirement. PMM can perform liquid penetrant inspections with penetrants level 2, 3 and level 4. Our equipment includes an approved hand held UV light and a calibrated UV & white light meter to ensure the inspections are performed under the correct circumstances. They also allow us to perform the required inspections in the field. These include, but are not limited to:

  • AD 94-05-05R1: Inspection of cylinder head rocker bosses (Continental Motors)
  • SB505B: Inspection of Crankshaft I.D. for Corrosion (Lycoming)
  • SI1285E: Non Destructive testing of Lycoming engine parts (Lycoming)
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