About us

Our History

Patrick’s Motor Maintenance is proud to announce its approval as the first EASA part 145 overhaul facility for Lycoming and Continental engines and components in Belgium. With over 30 years of experience catering to the private sector, PMM can now also provide its world class service to the commercial aviation.

PMM was founded by Patrick Van Doren and Guillaume Marchal, who were inspired by the idea to establish a customer oriented company that delivers first class service and workmanship. Patrick has more than 30 years of experience in the field of piston engine overhaul and maintenance as Maintenance Manager and Certifying Staff. He additionally possesses an FAA Powerplant license to service N-registered aircraft. While Guillaume is a passionate pilot, experimental aircraft builder and owner, with over 30 years of experience in company management. Together the management and staff of PMM are committed to the provision of uncompromised and unequalled quality in the delivery of their products and services.

PMM is an aircraft engine and component maintenance facility that specializes in the repair and overhaul of Lycoming and Continental engines and their accessories. Anything from a complete zero hours overhaul, to a prop strike inspection, or even something as simple as a troubleshooting request. Additionally they have an extensive Non Destructive Inspection department and licensed staff to handle all your crack inspection needs both in house and in the field. Furthermore they can perform all necessary inspections and repairs all the way up to and including the overhaul of all firewall forward accessories. In short they are your firewall forward specialist.

If you have a problem with your engine or component, or it has simply run out of time and you are in need of an overhaul. You may want to call the PMM-team!

Company Statement

In Aviation, safety is the number one priority. It is no coincidence that EASA is the European Aviation Safety Agency. And it is under their most rigorous regulations, the part 145, that we are approved to perform our services. As such, it is with your safety in mind that we commit ourselves to delivering the best possible product for your aircraft. Whether that may be a complete engine or one of its many accessories, your safety and the quality to achieve this, is our number one priority. Our warranty terms indicate our confidence in our workmanship. But this really is just a back-up plan, as it should be. We are just as confident, if not more so, that you will never need it. At PMM we are proud to say that we set the standard when it comes to quality and service.


Patrick Van Doren

Managing Director

Maintenance Manager since 1996

Certifying Staff since 1997

FAA Powerplant Mechanic since 1993

NDT Level II MPI & FPI since 1997

patrick@pmmwingservice.aero +32 / (0) 499 500 900

Marijke Jacobs

Quality Manager

Quality Manager since 2005

Quality Auditor

Licensed Mechanic since 2000

NDT Level II MPI & FPI since 2001

marijke@pmmwingservice.aero +32 / (0) 14 23 66 56

Michel Marchal

Licensed Mechanic

Professional Bachelor in Aeronautical Engineering

Licensed Mechanic since 2011

michel@pmmwingservice.aero +32 / (0) 14 23 66 56

Myrthe Van Doren

Office Manager

myrthe@pmmwingservices.aero +32 / (0) 14 23 66 56

Luc Van de Maele

Independent FAA Inspector

(available on request)