With engine overhaul, and maintenance in general, we go above and beyond. Unequalled quality and first class service from start to finish. And our job does not finish when you receive your engine. We remain at your service for the engine’s entire lifetime, and beyond.

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If your engine has run out of time and you need a true zero hour overhaul, we are your one stop shop. Not only can we overhaul your engine, we are also able to provide you with any firewall forward component you may need for your freshly overhauled engine. We deliver a no nonsense, no compromise overhauled engine. Over 30 years of experience gives us the knowhow, and the insight to make that distinction, and deliver you the very best in quality and service:

  • New Cylinder Kits (where possible, some older engine models no longer have this availability).
  • New Camshaft and Lifter Bodies (where possible, some older engines no longer have this availability)
  • Full Magnetic Particle and Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection of all engine parts
  • Complete check-up of all AD’s, SB’s and SI’s pertinent to the engine
  • 100% installation of New mandatory replacement of parts as dictated by the OEM.

No compromise does not however mean no dialogue. Everything will be explained and discussed in detail through every step of the process. No decision will be made without your approval. Contact us to work out the best solution for your engine.

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Firewall Forward

The Firewall Forward service we offer includes everything in your engine compartment:

  • Inspection of your engine mount and bolts (including powder coating) 
  • New shock mounts
  • Engine Hose Overhaul
  • New Oil Filter Adapter installation/modification kits
  • New Oil Cooler
  • New partial or complete engine baffle kits
    Damaged baffles lead to improper engine cooling, which can have serious consequences
  • Any Engine accessory, New or Overhauled
    for more information on engine accessories see our components section
  • Control Cables (Cessna required replacement part at engine overhaul)

Are you in need of any of the above or perhaps you have a special or unusual request. Don’t hesitate to contact us to work out the best solution for your engine.


Shockload inspection

A shockload inspection is required every time the propeller is removed as a result of prop strike damage. Very inconvenient to say the least when a mid-time engine needs to be removed unscheduled. These are always unforeseen circumstances in which you want your aircraft back in service as soon as possible.

At PMM we commit to making that happen. With a wide variety of parts for a wide variety of engines on stock, and in house non-destructive testing capabilities there is nothing slowing us down. Contact us to work out the best solution for your engine

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Engine repair holds a wide variety of maintenance issues we can help you resolve. This can be something as simple as a cylinder replacement for which the crankcase does not even need to be opened. All the way up to one of the most common repairs, which is the camshaft replacement.

Anything more than that and we would probably be overhauling the engine. B(We are also able to repair individual components and even have the possibility to repair damaged crankcases and worn out crankshafts.) In any case, whatever the problem with your engine is, we know we can fix it. Contact us to work out the best solution for your engine

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If you are having engine troubles and you can’t seem to find the problem, or perhaps you don’t even know where to start. Then you have come to the right place. With over 30 years of experience specialized in Lycoming and Continental engines we are confident to say we can solve any issue.

This includes the Injection system adjustment on Continental engines in accordance with the procedures in the M-0 maintenance manual (previously SID97-3G). We have all the necessary equipment on hand to come to you and perform the set-up on your aircraft.

So if your engine is not running smoothly, running intermittently, or not running at all, Contact us to work out the best solution for your engine.

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Test Bench

All our engines are released with a full engine test on our state of the art dynamometer test bench. A full power test report is produced showing all important engine parameters as there are CHT, EGT, Oil temperature and pressure, MAP, RPM and many more. Last but not least the maximum BHP output of the engine.

Test Bench - Setup

Complete setup of an engine to be tested

Test Bench - Dynamometer

Running engine set up on the dynamometer

Test Bench - Monitoring

All engine data and dynamometer data are constantly monitored during the engine test